Sunday, May 6, 2012

link love 04

Hi, I'm back from my rather long hiatus with a link love! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of May flowers and warmer weather.

Love all these giveaways from oh hello friend blog! I want this camera package soooo much.

I love the succulent plant trend! Who doesn't enjoy having such a low maintenance plant you only need to water every couple of weeks? Here's a great guide from Green Wedding Shoes with a bunch of beautiful groupings and bouquets.

picture via succulents galore
Plus I adore this succulent wreath from Simply Succulents. If I had $80 I would totally pick it up!

Have a great Sunday! xoxo

Monday, March 5, 2012

dancing feet

source: flickr
How gorgeous is this Swan Lake costume from 1934? My feet are still sore from dance lessons tonight -- lessons after a two month hiatus. It didn't help that I was breaking in a new pair of ballroom shoes that left my heels and toes aching with every step!

I have never been to a ballet production, but I love the graceful dancers and the gorgeous fluffy tutus and costumes. My first real exposure to ballet was the movie Black Swan which featured the most amazing stage and costumes. Made me want to see one in real life! Even my boyfriend took ballet lessons when he was a kid. I think I'm too old and out of shape to even try (maybe one day eventually). Ballroom and swing dance are more my style anyways.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

motivate me

flickr/intertwyned photography

Hi all - it's been about a month since I last posted, but I haven't been away from the internet at all. My Tumblr has been a bit more regular with loads of images of fashion and art. But I haven't had the motivation to regularly post on my little blog at all! I've been inspired by so many blogs and people that I guess it feels a bit intimidating to even really try (I know, not a good reason!). I just wanted to thank everyone for having such wonderful photos and writing that distracts me from me. 

Hopefully back?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

february love

flickr/ alice b gardens
It's a week until Valentines Day and love is somewhere in the air. In the apartment, we're not a couple to celebrate any holiday or special occasion, but I really want to go all out this year and decorate, cook, and romance(?)/be romantic.

Today's been busy with running to the mechanic, getting frustrated, and having to try again tomorrow, but I'm glad to have someone to run around with me. And a little puppy to take along too! Enjoy the rest of the night. xoxo

Monday, February 6, 2012

tv addiction

I have to say that I'm a complete Netflix/Hulu Plus streaming addict. At the apartment, we only have about ten basic cable channels, but it doesn't matter because all the great shows arrive instantly and with no to minimal commercials through streaming.

My picks for lazy afternoon or weekend watching:

Parks and Recreation -- a show with a hilarious cast and great characters about government parks department without all the awkwardness of an older season of The Office

Breaking Bad -- a dark comedy/drama about a chemistry teacher who struggles to sell meth. It's brilliant performances by the actors and great writing makes this a must-see

David Attenborough narrated nature documentaries -- I love animals and having an intelligent and non-sensational narrator makes the beautiful shots seem so amazing and educational too

Doctor Who -- Science-fiction with a lot of campy fun and heart (and a dorky Doctor too!)

Do you have a streaming service and what shows do you recommend? I'd love to know!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sunday is (usually) my day of rest and I'm just trying to catch up on all my feeds on Google Reader (way over 1000 posts!). Earlier today, I went out for brunch with my friends (even one from out of town) for some gyros and fries and conversation. It feels like everyone has their own thing going on and it's nice to just hang out after a long week. Afterwards it was warm enough outside to play some 3 vs 3 ladder ball. I love little friendly outdoor competitions.

I'm a little melancholy right now; just thinking of how things have changed the past couple of months. Lots of people and friends moving and changing, but I know things will get better eventually.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

overcoming shyness

Read more of this cute booklet at tumblr/omocat. + omocat shop

I would definitely describe myself as a shy person, so I very much love this. xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

fashion cat-day

I love watching and hanging out with cats, even though they make my eyes itch and water sometimes. And I love seeing cat designs on dresses and other pieces too!

First up is this little kitty, Milu, making the Jason Wu collection for Target. I think he's a pretty great little secret designer. Watch the video here at Fashionista!

Next link is from Jen Loves Kev, an adorable little motherhood/fashion blog. For the crafty boys and girls, you can make DIY Cat Knee Pads on tights. Think they would add a little catnip to any outfit.

via Jen Loves Kev

And finally, a little bit more kookier cat fashion. Photo via Face Hunter. She rocks the feather headband and this amazing little sheer cat dress. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear anything like this!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


via Studded Hearts

Super cute and super fun. I love how whimsical balloons are!   Photographer: David Oldham | Model: Clemence Poesy | Glamour UK Feb 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

spoon and fork

Happy Wednesday! It's been about a week since my last update and I'm just the ultimate procrastinator. First the internet is exploding with opposition against the SOPA and PIPA Act, which would absolutely destroy the internet as we know it. Take action here!

Next, I just wanted to pop in and share one of my favorite blogs -- Spoon Fork Bacon!

via Spoon Fork Bacon - Mini blueberry galettes

I love food blogs to get recipe ideas and lots of eye candy, of course. Spoon Fork Bacon combines all this with some awesome graphic design and gorgeous, clean photography. The combination of Jenny's food styling and Teri's photography makes for a delightful little blog that I'm definitely aspired to have too!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

cold hands

Winter blew in like a roaring train today and there were even flurries when I went to the library today. I'm currently pecking out a post with my hands stiff like popsicles trying to stay warm. My week has been pretty okay; lots of walking along the bike trail with my little puppy listening to the bubbling creek. Feels like so much stuff to do and not enough time to do so. Ah, winter brings out the procrastinator in me! Stay warm.

via tomo (flickr)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

orla kiely love

Orla Kiely makes some of the prettiest dresses and coats with some of the most loveliest, modern prints. The first one reminds me of spring with its florals and spring green, but I think it would look wonderful with some winter layers. The Breton stripe dress in Navy would look great with boots, tights, and a cozy coat! Wish they were affordable for me though (they're both around $400 each!). From the pre-spring/summer 2012 collection.

Friday, January 6, 2012

link love 03

Via My Life Scoop, some apps/sites for keeping up with resolutions! Not on the list that I'm trying out are Wunderlist (a to-do list/memo app) and Fitocracy (fitness with achievements!)

Sneak peek at Jason Wu for Target. Love this sailor-inspired navy dress and this great black and white satchel. Fits in perfectly with my style too! Check out the link for three other items.

The cutest doll house from Making it Lovely. Wonderful detail and room design makes me wish I was a kid again. Doesn't matter--I'm not too old for a doll house!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hi all! It's the third day of a new year, but it still feels like 2011. When does it start to feel like 2012 really? The Earth has just revolved around the sun again, but not much has changed yet. I enjoyed my time off and just got finished hosting a good friend for a couple of days. Lots of late night talk and board games and card games, such as Munchkin. Holidays are usually a pretty busy time and this year has been one with pet-sitting and little late-night errands.

I love double-exposure images and this series from Pakayla Biehn (first seen via Honestly WTF) are especially lovely. Such a soft, dreamy quality that inspires me to make some of my own. I need to get back into photography and art!

Which brings me to the subject of New Years resolutions. Do you have any resolutions you like to share?
I have some regarding health and money, but I mostly wish to write more. Journal entries, short stories, blog posts, just anything!