Monday, January 23, 2012

fashion cat-day

I love watching and hanging out with cats, even though they make my eyes itch and water sometimes. And I love seeing cat designs on dresses and other pieces too!

First up is this little kitty, Milu, making the Jason Wu collection for Target. I think he's a pretty great little secret designer. Watch the video here at Fashionista!

Next link is from Jen Loves Kev, an adorable little motherhood/fashion blog. For the crafty boys and girls, you can make DIY Cat Knee Pads on tights. Think they would add a little catnip to any outfit.

via Jen Loves Kev

And finally, a little bit more kookier cat fashion. Photo via Face Hunter. She rocks the feather headband and this amazing little sheer cat dress. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear anything like this!

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