Monday, March 5, 2012

dancing feet

source: flickr
How gorgeous is this Swan Lake costume from 1934? My feet are still sore from dance lessons tonight -- lessons after a two month hiatus. It didn't help that I was breaking in a new pair of ballroom shoes that left my heels and toes aching with every step!

I have never been to a ballet production, but I love the graceful dancers and the gorgeous fluffy tutus and costumes. My first real exposure to ballet was the movie Black Swan which featured the most amazing stage and costumes. Made me want to see one in real life! Even my boyfriend took ballet lessons when he was a kid. I think I'm too old and out of shape to even try (maybe one day eventually). Ballroom and swing dance are more my style anyways.


  1. i was a tea girl in the nutcracker when i was younger! :D

  2. I used to dance for 15 years! Then life got in the way.. I totally wish I was still in it! Nonetheless, ballets are always great to watch - hope you get to catch one sometime!

  3. Love ballerinas, but ballet is so hard on the body--I danced my whole life until I hit toe and my feet could not stand the pain. Gorgeous image!

    xo Mary Jo