Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hi all! It's the third day of a new year, but it still feels like 2011. When does it start to feel like 2012 really? The Earth has just revolved around the sun again, but not much has changed yet. I enjoyed my time off and just got finished hosting a good friend for a couple of days. Lots of late night talk and board games and card games, such as Munchkin. Holidays are usually a pretty busy time and this year has been one with pet-sitting and little late-night errands.

I love double-exposure images and this series from Pakayla Biehn (first seen via Honestly WTF) are especially lovely. Such a soft, dreamy quality that inspires me to make some of my own. I need to get back into photography and art!

Which brings me to the subject of New Years resolutions. Do you have any resolutions you like to share?
I have some regarding health and money, but I mostly wish to write more. Journal entries, short stories, blog posts, just anything!


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