Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy holidays!

Happy Wednesday! Just taking a short little vacation break from blogging due to the holidays. Only a couple of days left to shop (or craft) and I'm just really behind on all the presents! Have a joyous holiday and a wonderful week.

Toodles for now!

Monday, December 19, 2011


It's Monday and I'm back to posting from a lazy weekend. My BF is currently braving the post office lines to ship a package. Hope everything will arrive on time for Christmas.

I'm trying out desktop Twitter clients right now. I have TweetDeck for Chrome and MetroTwit installed right now. The clean layout of MetroTwit is making me a fan but I'm trying to see if I like all the little alert pop-ups whenever someone posts a tweet. It might make me a bit crazy after a while!

Off to a Christmas party at my friend's tonight. Enjoy the rest of the day!


Friday, December 16, 2011

chocolate kisses

Thank God it's Friday! Late afternoon and I'm trying to come out with some content for my fifth official posting. I went out for a walk on the bike trail outside my apartment and it was chilly and beautiful at the same time. A creek runs alongside the trail and it sounded so soothing and bubbling.

Last night my friends came over with a decadent brownie cake. So chocolaty and it was decorated in red, green, and silver-foiled kisses in my name! Also they brought their cute little pups and we watched TV and snuggled and petted the little dogs. We're a big bunch of animal lovers.

Not much for a post, but it'll do. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

link love 02

Merry Thursday! I can't believe there's only about 10 days left until Christmas. December sure has slipped by! As always, I'm still behind on decorations and presents. I planned to craft some neat cards and perhaps some ornament display, but the apartment is in such a state (objects tend to move towards disorder...) that it seems so constricting to even want to make anything.


*I love giveaways so I was extremely excited to see such a great prize from Kiki's List: a J. Crew glitter iPhone case! Two of my favorite things -- the iPhone and glitter!
*Customized maps? From Google? They always put out the best features!
*Loving this DIY series by say YES! to hoboken! So many unique ornaments to be made and at a great price.

Stay warm, xoxo

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

link love 01

Happy Wednesday everybody! I'm currently cuddled up on the couch with a sleepy puppy snuggled up next to me. No worries! I'll be back soon with a substantial post. For now, just a list of things I'm reading/drooling over!

Quashing the Self Improvement urge via zenhabits
List of 2011's best cookbooks via the kitchn
Rainbow Katie Bartels necklace giveaway! Yes please. via color issues
Cute animated proposal video via style me pretty *screenshot below!

so sweet!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hi all. Just taking an easy day with no worries because today is my birthday (cake day!) -- yay! I had the liberty to wake up later than usual and then go out to eat with some of my buddies and my boyfriend.

I love showing new eateries to my friends especially one with such mouthwatering dishes. It's a little Greek place on the main road in town that deserves more customers, but sadly the six of us were the only ones there. We shared a creamy hummus topped with diced tomatoes and cucumbers with fresh pita triangles. All ordered some form of gyro with a side of french fries. The gyros were overflowing with fresh lettuce, perfectly cooked meat, and salty feta. Afterwards, they all fell in love with the food too! We'll definitely be back soon.

Off to enjoy the rest of the day!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

pho love

Just a lazy Sunday and just a yummy bowl of Pho. My stomach is very happy and quite full due to a great big helping of this soup. One of the perks of visiting Tulsa is stopping by the local Vietnamese eatery and getting some take-out. I arrive back to the house and then combine into a very large bowl: beef brisket, fresh basil and cilantro, and the spicy, sweet and salty broth-covered rice noodles. Add a squeeze of lemon, stir in a little Sriracha and hoisin sauce, mix it up until it looks ready.

The steam swirls over the bowl and infuses the air in front of my nose with its scent - cinnamon, star anise, fish sauce, and pepper. Pho is just one of those dishes that reminds me of home and of family. One day I will make it at home for myself and my friends to give them a taste of Vietnam.

photo by Emma at Fisher & Paykel

today is the day

a new beginning. photo by me via instagram
Happy Sunday everybody. After many months of procrastinating, I am finally getting around to updating my blog. First things first, I got my layout set up. Going for something simple, easy to read, and a bit (hopefully) modern. It's one of my favorite and least favorite things about setting up a site.

Well anyways, I have blogged before and slowly let the poor little blogs die due to me getting bored and letting them fade away into the depths of the internet. Not again!

I don't know if I need bravery or courage to put myself out there (maybe a little) but I guess this is just getting over the hardest part. Thanks for reading and I'll try to keep up with everything.