Monday, February 6, 2012

tv addiction

I have to say that I'm a complete Netflix/Hulu Plus streaming addict. At the apartment, we only have about ten basic cable channels, but it doesn't matter because all the great shows arrive instantly and with no to minimal commercials through streaming.

My picks for lazy afternoon or weekend watching:

Parks and Recreation -- a show with a hilarious cast and great characters about government parks department without all the awkwardness of an older season of The Office

Breaking Bad -- a dark comedy/drama about a chemistry teacher who struggles to sell meth. It's brilliant performances by the actors and great writing makes this a must-see

David Attenborough narrated nature documentaries -- I love animals and having an intelligent and non-sensational narrator makes the beautiful shots seem so amazing and educational too

Doctor Who -- Science-fiction with a lot of campy fun and heart (and a dorky Doctor too!)

Do you have a streaming service and what shows do you recommend? I'd love to know!

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