Sunday, December 11, 2011

pho love

Just a lazy Sunday and just a yummy bowl of Pho. My stomach is very happy and quite full due to a great big helping of this soup. One of the perks of visiting Tulsa is stopping by the local Vietnamese eatery and getting some take-out. I arrive back to the house and then combine into a very large bowl: beef brisket, fresh basil and cilantro, and the spicy, sweet and salty broth-covered rice noodles. Add a squeeze of lemon, stir in a little Sriracha and hoisin sauce, mix it up until it looks ready.

The steam swirls over the bowl and infuses the air in front of my nose with its scent - cinnamon, star anise, fish sauce, and pepper. Pho is just one of those dishes that reminds me of home and of family. One day I will make it at home for myself and my friends to give them a taste of Vietnam.

photo by Emma at Fisher & Paykel

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