Thursday, December 15, 2011

link love 02

Merry Thursday! I can't believe there's only about 10 days left until Christmas. December sure has slipped by! As always, I'm still behind on decorations and presents. I planned to craft some neat cards and perhaps some ornament display, but the apartment is in such a state (objects tend to move towards disorder...) that it seems so constricting to even want to make anything.


*I love giveaways so I was extremely excited to see such a great prize from Kiki's List: a J. Crew glitter iPhone case! Two of my favorite things -- the iPhone and glitter!
*Customized maps? From Google? They always put out the best features!
*Loving this DIY series by say YES! to hoboken! So many unique ornaments to be made and at a great price.

Stay warm, xoxo

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